During Covid19

Connect With Each Other Online,

Discover Some Great Music You Never Heard,

Find Collaborators

Creativity Doesn’t Have To Stop….





This is an online community & entertainment hub where you can discover new music, simply chill out, isolation doesn’t have to be isolating. Connect, post comments live chats, connect with like minded people through this platform. create an account and connect with other people of mutual interests & share your creations, music & design inspirations¬† with each other and through our contact form by uploading file field & we will post them up in our upcoming gallery & music will be posted on mp3 player though the format of music needs to be the original mp3 thanks!

If you are an artist of any medium and would like to sell your products on our store with 100% going to you (besides PayPal 3rd party fees) please feel free to contact us and we will unveil the store page.

We trust in your communications you will not be abusive 0r destructive, we take no liability over communications but PLEASE FLAG IT TO US IF THERE IS ANY HARMFUL CONTENT OR YOU FEEL THREATENED & WE WILL BAN USER.


This is a social connection platform and you can register as a member & connect with like minded people through live chat, with the main aim to stay connected with everyone.

Create a new musical or design partnership, partner & collaborate a new creative partnership, share your work whether that be art, design, poetry so long as respect for everyone is provided, we want this to be a safe place while staying safe!


Discover Some New Music

Theres Something For Everyone, from indie, to folk, prog rock & punk

Send us your MP3 in The Attach File Field Section of Contact form & We Will Upload It Here (must be the original mp3 format) Thanks!


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